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Terry Giblin Psy.D. wants to help you find a healthier you and has created a wonderful educational resource.


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Seeking a psychotherapist can be a daunting task. However if you feel like your life is not going in the direction you planned or your symptoms are getting in the way of your quality of life then Dr. Giblin is ready to assist you.

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Stress Reduction

Stress Reduction Therapy is designed so that you can learn to cope and live with less stress in your daily life. If you're experiencing stress, give us a call today!

Phobias Therapy

Phobias Therapy is designed for those who have severe phobias. This therapy will help you understand your behavior and learn to live a life with less fear.

PTSD Therapy

PTSD Therapy is for those who have suffered traumatic events and seek help coping with these events and memories. Therapy is no quick fix, no easy task.

Individual Therapy

Each client is given a full assessment which usually takes three to four sessions. When necessary other professionals may be consulted and psychological tests may be utilized.


Once you and I agree upon your commitment to psychotherapy and goals you hope to accomplish, we develop a treatment plan and the process of psychotherapy begins.

Terry Giblin Psy.D. a counselor providing psychotherapy to patients both individually and as couples. Whether you are experiencing anxiety, depression, PTSD, anger issues, stress or phobias Dr. Giblin will work with you to find the modality of therapy that works for you.

Marriage, Family Therapy & Individual Psychotherapy 

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