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An All-Star Parent:

Doing Homework
  • Realizes that a child is a person who is innately good and deserving of
    respectful treatment no matter what age they are. They do not call a child
    names like selfish, crazy, stupid, or lazy.

  • Is nurturing, sensitive, and tuned in to their child’s emotions. She meets the
    child where he is now not where she wants him to be.

  • Has a belief that their child can be successful in life. She gives the child all
    the tools and all the encouragement she can muster up to help him or her
    through life.

  • Listens and is interested in what the child’s world is all about. He teaches
    coaches and applauds her victories and accomplishments.

  • Encourages his child to identify, label, and express his feelings in acceptable

  • Sets clear limits and rules and although consistent is not rigid. She gives
    reasons and explanations for rules. A child should know what is expected
    and what the consequences are if he breaks the rules.

  • Uses punishment only as a last resort. Rewards and positive reinforcement
    should be the major means of behavioral management. The best rewards
    are  privileges  and not things.

  • Has high expectations of his children without stressing them out by raising
    "the bar" too high. Effort and motivation trump results every time.

  • Teaches the child that cooperation, kindness, forgiveness, and gratitude are
    important values.

  • Gives the child a sense of spirituality.

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